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Winsham Web Museum

The Winsham Web Museum was originally created in 2002 to contain all historic information about the small village of Winsham, Somerset. It had been created and maintained by one person for 20 years and they no longer wanted full responsibility for the site. The Web Museum was passed over to the Winsham Parish Council to safeguard.

As this website had been created in (what was now) outdated software it was almost impossible for members of the Parish Council to maintain and add content. Build'n'Bloom were needed to recreate the Web Museum in a way that could be easily updated without any real technical knowledge.

Previous website homepage:

Old Winsham Web Museum homepage design

The existing site contained a lot of information, some of which was organised in a slightly unusual way. So some of our information architecture skills were deployed to organise, structure and label content in an effective and sustainable way. Making sure it was designed in a way that made it easy for users to find information quickly.

Build'n'Bloom created logos, artwork and icons for the Web Museum, including a new logo for the Winsham Parish Council.

From this:

Old Winsham Parish Council logo

To this:

New Winsham Parish Council logo

Due to the nature of the information there was lots of custom design and code required for this project, including a PDF search and custom image slider to show user labels.

Once the design was complete Build'n'Bloom migrated all the information across from the existing site to the new Web Museum for the Parish Council so they could focus on acquiring more history to add. We also produced videos, how-to documentation and training sessions on updating site content so they can feel confident with the process.

Due to the SEO optimisation that the new website provided, it was a matter of weeks before the new site eclipsed the old one on Google rankings.

Winsham Web Museum SEO
Winsham Web Museum desktop view
Winsham Web Museum mobile view
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