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Do I need a website?

If you're already here, you probably think you do! You know your business and brand better than anyone, so only you can really decide but... there are more than 4.8 billion internet users and over 1.8 billion websites online. You don't want to be left behind!

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Website Design

Is it Important?

Yes! Although it might seem superfical and our parents always told us not to judge a book by it's cover, it's human nature - we make quick judgements on visuals. Using book covers as an example, quickly scanning a bookshelf you should be able to pick out the ones that you would expect to meet your needs. If you were looking for a crime drama novel it's not likely you would pick up a pink one covered in hearts and unicorns.

The same applies to websites.

Even if you don't think you give website design much consideration, it's pretty much second nature. Studies have shown that users quickly judge businesses based on visuals alone, and will often stop using their sites if they're poorly designed.

Why Should I Spend Money on a Bespoke Design?

There are hundreds of website templates out there that allow you to quickly and cheaply 'spin up' a site. And if that's all your budget can allow there is nothing wrong with that. However, a bad website can do more harm than good.

Getting a bespoke website design will be tailored to your brand and send the correct message to your audience. It gives the opportunity for your business to showcase your unique features, whilst building trust with your users and standing out from the competition. A custom responsive designed website will provide a great user experience across all devices that will keep your customers coming back.

At Build'n'Bloom we are passionate about website design and providing the best user experience for your audience.

What is Responsive Design?

Put simply, this means that your website can seamlessly transition from a mobile device to a large computer monitor. For any device that can access the internet and view your site, a good user experience is provided - no matter how big or small the screen. We've all loaded sites on our phones that require a 'pinch and zoom' to read properly - you don't do that on your desktop PC, so you shouldn't have to do that on a smaller device.

As over 50% of all website traffic comes from smartphones we believe in a mobile-first approach for all website designs.

This means that we start with mobile designs first before enhacing for desktop, this makes sure mobile users have the same experience as if they were using a computer. A mobile device has a limited screen size, so important elements are stratiglically placed to make user actions as easy as possible - a website optimised for a small screen will always work on a desktop browser.

How do you Make the Designs

We use a tool called Adobe XD to create our designs and prototypes before starting any development. Working with you to ensure that we've captured your brand and style, as well as meeting your requirements to ensure your users will have an excellent experience before writing any code.

What Do I Need To Provide?

Before we can get started on designs, we need to know your brand and style and what content you want displayed - especially media. The feel of a site can change dramatically just by changing an image, so it's key to know what they will be. If you don't have anything, don't fret! We can work with you to get the content - Build'n'Bloom collaborate closely with Cinematic Solutions who specialise in producing commercial media and come highly recommended.


Do you Use Templates?

No. We never use templates. We create designs from scratch and custom develop them from scratch too. It's all bespoke to you.

With over 8 years experience and fluent in the required languages, we are confident we can meet your needs.

Is it Content Managed?

Yes, it's up to you!

Content Management Systems (CMS) makes websites easily updatable without having any coding knowledge.

Depending on your needs and budget we can make as much of the site as content managed as you would like. Giving you the freedom to update whatever you like without needing the skills of a developer. Or if that doesn't sound like something you want or you wouldn't have time to do yourself, we can continue working with you once the site is complete to do any updates for you.

Our CMS websites are created using WordPress - it's not a coincidence that 42% of the web is built on WordPress, it's a brilliant CMS solution. The simply designed managment system makes any changes you need to make quick and easy.

Domain, Hosting and More

Can you help here?

Yes, we can!

Once your site has been designed and developed, then you need to get it online.

When you start looking into website creation and development all these terms and acronyms pop-up and it can be overwhelming. We will help you get up on the world wide web by doing as much (or as little) as you want.

What Kind of Security will my Site Have?

All Build'n'Bloom websites are SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protected. This keeps data secure and conveys trust to your users as well as protecting you from hackers.

What About SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation in a nutshell is getting your website high up on the Google search results. Our bespoke, secure, responsive websites are SEO optimised to create trust between your site and search engines to help you rise in the search rankings and drive customers to your site.

We can also provide you with site analytics to track users activity and to identify trends, which you can use to see what works for your site and your audience.


Can you Give me an Estimate?

Each website is very different and will have unique requirements which makes it pretty much impossible to give a quote/estimate without some details. We find the best way is to have an informal chat with you to discuss your business and go from there.

We'd love to discuss your project